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Meet Our Professional Teachers

At the Indian lingua, we pride ourselves in creating the very best learning experience for you. Through our unique combination of technology use and the personal attention from our native Hindi speaking instructors, Our Professional teachers are able to create a personalized program that fits your individual needs.  


Our  teachers are professional, skilled and truly enjoy watching their students develop new language skills.  You will look forward to your sessions with us! Our tutors understand that no two students are alike and easily adapt the curriculum to your specific learning needs.


When you make the decision to learn a new language with our professional teachers . You meet authentic people, learning about language and culture while making some great friends along the way! We make it easy for you to get a great education combined with social interaction!



Hindi teacher Mukesh


Professional Teacher

About Mukesh

Mukesh is from India. He is an experienced Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English Language teacher with a Master degree (linguistics and Hindi literature), able to teach and mentor (one-to-one) in all aspects to all age groups and levels. He taught at B.A.C collage associated with MGS University so, you can feel totally assured that He is a teacher who knows how to plan and progress suitable lessons with care and professionalism and never let people down.

Mukesh as a Teacher

Mukesh is friendly and patient and always professional and punctual. He loves teaching and engaging with others in discussion. He is passionate about education and empowering others, and strive to help students reach their educational and language-learning goals. He has taught students of all levels and can teach from complete beginner to advanced levels. He offers all levels of Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English tutoring covering the broad spectrum of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, linguistics, phonetics, creative writing, etc, as well as basic conversation skills, whilst taking into account the needs of the most important person – the student!

His Lessons & Teaching Style

He uses various technologies and a scientific and proven method to teach Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English. He has developed this method with his rich 10 years of teaching experience. His lessons are customized to his students’ language needs. He has university qualifications in Linguistics. Hindi is his first language and he speak 4 languages. So He understand the challenges of learning a new language and will adapt to your level of proficiency. His lessons are fun, engaging and really focused on improving your skills.



Hindi teacher Rishi


Professional Teacher

About Rishi

Rishi is a professional Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi and English language instructor from India. He has been teaching Hindi/Urdu/ Punjabi and English language for last 8 years. He has a Bachelor’s and master’s degree in Hindi literature and linguistics. He has a lot of experience teaching people from all nationalities and age groups and he is friendly and engaging. He is passionate about helping my students reach their language learning goals. I will work with you to create a personalized study plan targeted to your needs. He can help you accomplish it.

Rishi as a Teacher

Rishi’s style can be described as relaxed, student-centered and fun creating an environment where students feel comfortable to speak and practice a new language. He always try to engage all of his clients by being able to discuss many diverse topics and interests. He can provide material on a range of topics to match his client’s interests and needs. He provides immediate feedback and correct his clients issues without embarrassment to the client. He is extremely prepared so you can relax and focus on speaking during class! He offers all of his students a PDF document at the end of each session, which includes notes, vocabulary, role plays, homework and pronunciation notes from that class.

His Lessons & Teaching Style

He has a proven and tested method that he uses to help his students reach a higher level of fluency. He is very proud of his method and all of the success of his past and current students and would love to share it with you. He will teach you common sense Hindi/Urdu a and he’ll show you how to apply it to your everyday life. He will also teach you how to sound more natural in any environment that requires you to speak Hindi/Urdu. Taking a course with him is not only beneficial for language learning. Many of my students have found that working with him is great for overall self-improvement in areas such as confidence, self-expression and self-esteem.

Hindi teacher Mridul


Professional Teacher

About Mridul

Mridul is a professional Hindi teacher. For the past 3 years he has been teaching students both on Skype and in person. He received his Bachelor’s from the University of Bikaner. He likes cooking, board games, meditation/mindfulness practice, and learning about sustainable living and Buddhist philosophy.

Mridul as a Teacher

His teaching style is based on patience and instructional scaffolding, just as he would do in his classes in a primary or high school, so learners of all abilities always have a chance to improve as we gradually and methodically develop your vocabulary, comprehension, pronunciation, and grammar skills, as well as your abilities in reading, writing, and listening. At the same time, He is also highly adaptable and flexible as a teacher.

His Lessons & Teaching Style

His teaching style is student-centered, which is why he provides a trial session to find out what you want to learn and how you want to grow. His goal as a teacher is to use different sources–music, movies, simple conversation–to make sure that you become a fluent Hindi speaker. His courses are designed so that you progress quickly and accurately using a range of techniques and methodologies.